Equilibro is a dynamic and open-minded enterprise, founded by MSCP Isabeau Deckers in 2019. Equilibro is set up to contribute to the welfare of our sport horses and their riders by listening to the needs of horses and horse riders, by bringing academic research into daily practices and by participating in the multidisciplinary management of equestrian athletes. We believe in teamwork and in always striving for the ideal balance between optimal welfare and the high performance of our athletes. Equilibro collaborates with qualified equine professionals who together want to unite the equine industry to ignite a knowledge-based movement.


About Isabeau

Isabeau has an innate passion for horses and equine sport. She competed her own horses up to international level and has experience in multiple equine sports disciplines (showjumping, dressage, cross country, racing, academic dressage). She grew up around horses, so she just couldn't imagine a life without them.

Her life mission is to contribute to the welfare of riders and their equine partners. When you ask her what the goal of her practice is, she will tell you that at the end of her career, she wants to be able to have left something good behind.


To make this dream a reality, she studied Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Antwerp (2013-2018), and achieved ‘Basic Instructor and Trainer’ at the NCSAH (The Netherlands, 2017-2018). Isabeau is currently completing the MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy at Hartpury University (2018-2020).

She completed multiple courses/ voluntary internships to expand her knowledge and skills, strengthening her basis for practice and giving her a further understanding of best industry practice. Next to horses, she loves research and all kinds of sport. She always enjoys using her sparse downtime to listen to music, draw, travel and enjoy time with family and friends. 


  • MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, Hartpury University (2018 – 2020)

  • Masters Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy, University of Antwerp (2016 – 2018) – Graduated cum laude

    • Dissertation project 1: Systematic review ‘The horse-rider interaction and its correlation with spinal discomfort in the equestrian.’

    • Dissertation project2: Observational study ‘Assessing the functional characteristics of back pain in the equestrian.’

  • Basic trainer and instructor at the Neo-Classical School of the art of Horsemanship, NCSAH, NL (2017 – 2018)

  • Bachelor Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy, University of Antwerp (2013 – 2016) – Graduated cum laude

  • 'Spinal and Peripheral Manipulations' by CPDToday, London School of Osteopathy (2019) 

  • ECSS Congress Dublin ‘Cutting sport science at the cutting edge’ (2018)

  • ‘The physiology of emotional release’ course by Tom Myers (Anatomy trains), Integrazione Fasciale center, Bologna (2018)

  • ‘Fascial and functional movement taping’ course, Rocktape UK, London (2017)

  • ‘Hot stone massage’, Wellness Academy, Hasselt (2015)

  • ‘Sport massage for horses’, Syntra, Antwerp (2013)

  • Rider brevet A and B, Antwerp (2008)


About Linn Olafsen

Linn is a passionate rider and horse trainer from Norway. She has been riding since the age of four and spent the last 10 years studying equine science and working with training and rehabilitation. Her biggest goal and vision is to contribute to a positive development regarding the training and welfare of sport horses. To be able to do this Linn's founded L'Equitation as a mean to help inspire, connect and develop the likeminded in our sport.


- Bachelors degree in equine breeding and genetics.

- Masters degree in behaviour biology and biomechanics

- Researcher of equine training and rehabilitation