Physiotherapy with Equilibro uses a combination of manual and exercise interventions to achieve a full body effect.The session starts with an assessment to address physical dysfunctions or imbalances. The therapy itself will be individually adapted with the focus on sport physiotherapy,  manual physiotherapy or myofascial therapy. Additional interventions can be found below. This method provides injury rehabilitation, treatment of physical discomforts and performance enhancement.

Kinesiology Taping:

The Kinesiology tape can be used for different goals such as 
pain release, healing stimulation, postural adjustment, muscle facilitation or inhibition, increase of flexibility

Sport Massage:

Sport massage is the ideal treatment to recover from intense training sessions or competitions, as it stimulates the blood circulation in the fatigued muscles. It is often used in advance of training sessions or competitions to support the warming up process of the musculoskeletal system.


Hot Stone Massage:

The Hot stone massage is ideal for a full body and mind relaxation, and is a holistic approach. The treatment with hot stones covers the back, shoulders and neck and has the option to include the legs, arms and face.



Isabeau's work is based on her MSc Thesis on 'Back Pain in Equestrians' and her 10 years of experience as well as qualifications as a multi-discipline rider and coach. Her biomechanical insights as a physiotherapist and as a researcher help her to add an extra dimension to her training. She provides both on and off-horse training sessions which are specified for the individual's needs and goals.

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