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At Equilibro village, we believe in a holistic approach to reach your personal highest levels of health and well-being. We aim to bring you multiple services to support both your physical and mental welfare, and to provide you with an address that you will soon relate to peacefulness and feelings of bliss. Equilibro Village is a family enterprise, set up by Miriam Verheyen and her three daughters Lisa, Anna and Isabeau. Equilibro Village is an open minded and dynamic enterprise with the mindset to optimise well-being in the people/ animals that they get in touch with. Multiple services are provided at Equilibro Village, including retreat events, cultural events, nutritional coaching, physiotherapy, hot stone massages, … In short, a place all about well-being! 


About Isabeau

Isabeau is a chartered physiotherapist and masseur, working with humans, horses and sometimes also with dogs. Isabeau has an innate passion for balance in well-being. Her life mission is to contribute to the welfare of human and horses. When you ask her what the goal of her practice is, she will tell you that at the end of her career, she wants to be able to have left something good behind.


To make this dream a reality, she studied Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Antwerp (2013-2018), and the MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy at Hartpury University (2018-2020). She completed multiple courses/ voluntary internships to expand her knowledge and skills, strengthening her basis for practice and giving her a further understanding of best industry practice. Next to horses, she loves research and all kinds of sport. She always enjoys using her sparse downtime to listen to music, draw, travel and enjoy time with family and friends. 


  • MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, Hartpury University (2018 – 2020)

  • Masters Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy, University of Antwerp (2016 – 2018) – Graduated cum laude

    • Dissertation project 1: Systematic review ‘The horse-rider interaction and its correlation with spinal discomfort in the equestrian.’

    • Dissertation project2: Observational study ‘Assessing the functional characteristics of back pain in the equestrian.’

  • Basic trainer and instructor at the Neo-Classical School of the art of Horsemanship, NCSAH, NL (2017 – 2018)

  • Bachelor Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy, University of Antwerp (2013 – 2016) – Graduated cum laude

  • 'Spinal and Peripheral Manipulations' by CPDToday, London School of Osteopathy (2019) 

  • ECSS Congress Dublin ‘Cutting sport science at the cutting edge’ (2018)

  • ‘The physiology of emotional release’ course by Tom Myers (Anatomy trains), Integrazione Fasciale center, Bologna (2018)

  • ‘Fascial and functional movement taping’ course, Rocktape UK, London (2017)

  • ‘Hot stone massage’, Wellness Academy, Hasselt (2015)

  • ‘Sport massage for horses’, Syntra, Antwerp (2013)

  • Rider brevet A and B, Antwerp (2008)


About Miriam

Miriam Verheyen constructed the accommodation of Equilibro Village as it is today. Besides her many practical and creative skills, Miriam is a professional pianist, piano teacher and equine-assisted therapist. While teaching and constructing, Miriam her main focus has actually always been her three daughters, Lisa, Annakin and Isabeau. It, therefore, is a dream coming true for Miriam to now start up this business in collaboration with her daughters. Below you can find more information on the background of her three daughters and their personal/ professional contribution to the business.

Academic formation

  • MSc Piano and music teaching – conservatorium Antwerp (1986 - 1992; 2014-1015) - Graduated cum laude

  • ‘Kamermuziek’ - conservatorium Antwerp (1986 – 1992)- Graduated with First Prize

Supportive formation

  • EAGALA model practice training (2008)

  • OK corral education ‘let’s go down to business’ (2008)


Working experiences

  • Piano teacher at muziekschool ‘Muzarto’ in Essen and Kalmthout (1995-…)

  • Equine assisted psychotherapy ‘Equi-in-team’ in collaboration with psychiater Nancy Kerstens (2008-…)


About Yves

Read more about Yves his story...

Academic formation

2012-2015: Bachelor in Physics (cum laude)

2015-2017: Master in Biofysica (cum magna laude)

2018-...: PhD in Neuro Science and Artificial Intelligence


2019-...: Wim Hof Method instructor


About Charlotte