Yves' story...

Up untill this day still my biggest drive: life. Life in all its aspects. The 'what', the 'why', and above all: what are its true possibilities? How intense and with what kind of experiences can it be lived? At first, I thought I would find it largely in physics: in mathematical equations. I still think that a lot can be learned in science about the universe and life. As a (neuro)scientist I am still fascinated every day.

Yet there are two events that have also helped me unravel life in a different way. The first being a point in time where I was forced to make fasting an essential part of my life. Just nothing seemed to help against my immune system problems back then. The asthma, eczema, allergies and itching continued to persist and became almost unbearable. I was 20 and honestly had no idea how much time and energy was left. It was when I finally started to listen to my intuition that I started making progress. Instead of always thinking that it should be that one pill from that one doctor or this particular diet that should solve it all, I finally commited to fasting. I was quickly amazed by its effects: I never thought that, given time and much less (nothing) on ​​my stomach, the body is capable of such tremendous healing. The body is intelligent. Life soon became more interesting.

The second experience involving one in Poland. When I first sat up to my chin in an ice bath, it was deafeningly silent. Another dimension. There I sat ... again dumbfounded. This time from a cheerful force, triggered in me with breathing exercises and mindset training. Empowering.

I was, however, not the only one so 'crazy'. Soon university students started meeting me in the river in winter. "Feeling is understanding." (Wim Hof). This quickly influenced me to the next step: becoming an instructor in the Wim Hof ​​Method.

Are you by any chance interested in an immune system boost? Would you like to know what happens to your cardiovascular system during a deep breathing session? Or are you looking for just that little bit more for your sports performance? During this weekend you will have the opportunity to interact with the three essential pillars: breathing, focus and exposure to the cold. In case you'd have any questions regarding fasting, then I'd love to hear it too! 

Life turned out to be pretty damn interesting.


Academic fulfillments:

2012-2015: bachelor in Physics (cum laude)

2015-2017: master in Biophysics (cum magna laude)

2018-current: PhD in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence


2019-current: Wim Hof Method instructor