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Equilibro is a Physiotherapy business for the horse and the rider and strives to deliver excellent physiotherapeutic services to support equestrian athletes in achieving their goals, be it rehabilitation or performance goals. Equilibro was founded by Isabeau Deckers in 2019 and is currently mainly active in Belgium. Isabeau works with a big variety of athletes of different performance levels and disciplines and has developed a specific interest/ skill set in managing back pain, both in the horse and the rider.  

Isabeau her innate passion for horses and the equine sport originates from her childhood. She grew up between the horses and started competing with her own pony when she was 8 years old. She ended up competing in show jumping with her own horse up to international level and has experience in multiple equine sports disciplines (showjumping, dressage, cross country, racing, academic dressage). She proceeded to study the Masters "Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences" at the University of Antwerp and the Masters 'Veterinary Physiotherapy' at Hartpury University, alongside other courses and working experiences to gain more insights and skills in the field of equestrian sports medicine.


Throughout the years, she has been very lucky in working with several highly renown equine professionals and researchers and has cultivated a vast interest in research herself as well. She has published multiple studies already, all related to the management of back pain or back kinematics of the horse/ rider. Currently, she's working on her PhD study at Hartpury University (UK), which investigates the effect of a rider and saddle on the horse's back biomechanics. 


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability, but can also serve as injury prevention and to improve performance. Equine physiotherapy specifies these services for horses. From the management of joint or spinal problems to rehabilitation after fractures or any injury, physiotherapy is now considered an essential addition to medical and surgical treatment. Veterinary physiotherapy is recognized by the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) and is promoted to be integrated in a multidisciplinary management, i.e. in consultation with the veterinarian. 


Equilibro offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for both the horse and rider. The sessions start with an assessment to address physical dysfunctions or imbalances. The treatments will be individually adapted and apply manual and sports physiotherapeutic techniques.

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'Isabeau has a real passion for understanding and helping horses in the most loving way. I truly recommend Equilibro's services for all horses!'

Linn Olafsen, Stall Nor

''5 star service and keeps all my racehorses fit and ready for their races. Highly recommend Izzy!''
— Grace Harris Racing, Trainer

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Email address: info@equi-libro.com                                                                                   ​Telephone: +447554393987 (UK)​

                    +32470074931 (Belgium)

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